Follow us and collect! Moogle Collection

Follow @FFXVEN right now and COLLECT MOOGLES!

Each time a new follower joins the official Final Fantasy Twitter account a new Moogle will appear!! Each time the number of collected Moogles reach a certain amount at both @FFXVJP and @FFXVEN accounts, you will receive a cool present (Moogle Reward)!

Moogle is an item in FINAL FANTASY XV!

Moogle will appear in FINAL FANTASY XV as a LUCKY ITEM!
Take Moogle dolls and goods as your lucky charm to help avoid all kinds of troubles. Maybe Moogle will help out when Noctis and his friends are in a tight spot!


  •  T-shirt(limited edition)
  • Moogle Wallpaper
  • Pen and Notebook(limited edition)
  • Moogle Sound Effects
  • Moogle Twitter Header
  • Clear File Folder (limited edition)
  • Moogle Movie
  • Moogle Developer Interview

Follow @FFXVEN right now and COLLECT MOOGLES!

Follow and Collect! Moogle Collection

Rules of Entry

The same number of Moogles will be collected as the number of followers increase on both the English (@FFXVEN) and Japanese (@FFXVJP) versions of the FINAL FANTASY XV official Twitter account (hereinafter referred to as "official account") in the "Follow and Collect!  Moogle Collection" (hereinafter referred to as "the campaign").
"Moogle Rewards" (reward items won by lottery and digital contents related to FINAL FANTASY XV) will be awarded according to the number of Moogles collected during the campaign.
To achieve a Moogle Reward, a specified number of Moogles will have to be collected at both the English and Japanese versions of the official accounts.
The number of followers on the official accounts will be updated once every fifteen minutes.  Please refer to the FINAL FANTASY official Twitter accounts (@FFXVEN / @FFXVJP) for the latest information.
The achievement of the Moogle Rewards will be announced once a day when the campaign site is updated -- not immediately after the specified follower number is achieved.

[Notes of Importance]

  • - As for the digital contents of the Moogle Rewards, they can be claimed with or without following the official Twitter accounts.
  • - As for the reward items of the Moogle Rewards, a lottery will be held after the campaign has ended.  The followers qualified for entry in the lottery will be the followers of the official twitter account at the time of the lottery regardless of when the follower started following the account.
  • - Winners resulting from the lottery will be notified by Direct Message to their corresponding Twitter account.
  • - Any entry into net auctions, transfer, or sale of the reward or the right to claim the reward are prohibited.
  • - Winners will be asked to register their shipping information at the web service managed by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "We") in order to receive their reward items.  Please note that member registration to the "Square Enix Members" will be necessary during this process.
  • - Reward items will be shipped to domestic locations only.
  • - Please follow the terms of service by Twitter, Inc. when using Twitter.
  • - We are not responsible for any posts of the Twitter followers of this campaign.
  • - Please note that the details of this campaign may be subject to change without further notice.